A simpler and kinder Google Search Console

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Google announced it has launched “domain properties,” a feature that lets you see data from a whole domain in one view within Google Search Console. This can consolidate your http, https, www, non-www, m-dot, etc into a single property to get an aggregate view of your site’s performance and errors/warnings in a single Google Search Console property. What […]

UniFi Controller upgraded to v5.10.19

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Please be advised that the UniFi controller hosted in the Lightspeed cloud has been upgraded from version 5.9.29 to version 5.10.20. This is the latest release for UniFi SDN Contoller 5.10, which is Ubiquiti’s current stable release branch.  These notes are consolidated from 5.10.12, 5.10.17 and last but not least 5.10.19 and represent the summary […]

Asia Help-Desk line restore in progress

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Regrettably, Lightspeed’s Asia Help-Desk line (+65-6468-5536) is offline at the moment due to line failure. In the meantime, customers in Asia who require to request support may reach out via our Americas Helpdesk (+1-408-907-6623) – by Voice/Telegram/Whatsapp or our European Helpdesk (+44-20-3897-3501) by voice. Service tickets remain available (as always) at helpdesk [at] lightspeed.com.sg The […]

Thinkpad 470 Firmware

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As of the time of writing, and based on our own usage, we recommend updating to latest firmware (v1.55). ——————————————————————————– VERSION INFORMATION The following versions of UEFI BIOS and ECP (Embedded Controller Program) have been released to date. Package (ID) UEFI BIOS (BIOS ID) ECP (ECP ID) Rev. Issue Date ——————– ——————- ————— —- ———- […]

UAP/USW firmware

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Firmware changes since 4.0.9:  [UAPG3] Fix DFS false positives introduced in recent 4.0.x firmware. [UAPG3] Fix division by 0 bug (reported HERE and HERE).  [BaseStationXG] Enable OLED support for the black model.  [nanoHD/IW-HD] Fix custom TX power so 1dBm increments work.  [nanoHD/IW-HD] Fix bandsteering table full error handling. [IW-HD] Enable PoE passthrough by default.** [UAP] Add support for enabling neighbor reports […]