Helpdesk updated to OTRS 6.0.18

What’s New

  • Updated translations, thanks to all translators.
  • Made article header expansion state configurable. For this, there is is a new setting `Ticket::Frontend::ArticleHeadVisibleDefault`, which is inactive by default and can be activated to show the article header area expanded by default.

Bug Fixes

  • Bug#14055 – Translation of “copy” to german in AdminNotificationEvent wrong.
  • Bug#14442 – Legacy references to customer interface and public interface.
  • Bug#14345 – The timestamp information in the action AdminLog is wrong.
  • Bug#14243 – It is possible set system address to invalid even though there is auto response with this address.
  • Bug#14474 – Some strings are not translated in Support Data Collector.
  • Bug#14436 – Merged cells are not fit to agenda overview table.
  • Bug#14476 – Command invalid in 66.1Ticket::SearchIndex::Attribute.
  • Bug#14473 – Config Ticket::Frontend::Overview::PreviewArticleSenderTypes does not work.
  • Bug#14461 – Can’t deactivate TicketMove via ACL in Bulk-Action.
  • Bug#14414 – The customer information widget is not update in the view of new ticket on split.
  • Bug#14447 – Unnecessary error screen in Bulk action of Queue View.
  • Bug#14462 – Missing breadcrumbs in reports and statistics screens.
  • Bug#13540 – Not needed time zone output in the ticket list for the configured otrs system time zone.
  • Follow-up fix for Bug#14129 – Incorrect handling of RootNavigation in AdminSystemConfiguration.
  • Bug#14432 – If session is in URL upload of attachments doesn’t work.
  • Bug#14242 – Appointment Notification Filter ‘Calendar’ greyed out.
  • Bug#14405 – Customers can’t login if DER encoded S/MIME certs are fetched.
  • Bug#14245 – Expired PGP and S/MIME keys are not shown.
  • Bug#14337 – Registration – Can not register system Need Data OSVersion.
  • Bug#14393 – TicketUpdate.pm not setting original “To” value.
  • Bug#14424 – Wrong invoker sorting when there are more than 9 conditions.
  • Bug#14335 – Appointment notification event ‘AppointmentDelete’ does not contain data of deleted Appointment.

The detailed ChangeLog can be found at: https://github.com/OTRS/otrs/blob/rel-6_0_18/CHANGES.md.