Helpdesk updated to OTRS 6.0.19

What’s New

  • Updated translations, thanks to all translators.
  • Added Macedonian and Romanian translations.

Bug Fixes

  • Bug#14491 – Ticket::DefineEmailFrom not used for external notes. Added new system configuration options Ticket::Frontend::CustomerTicketZoom###DisplayNoteFrom and Ticket::Frontend::CustomerTicketZoom###DefaultAgentName to define if agent name should be shown in external notes in the customer interface or should use a default generic name instead.
  • Bug#13867 – In the process management within TransitionAction,characters < and > are replaced by HTML escape sequences.
  • Bug#14512 – If the customer name has some special characters, the name is shown wrong on the answer article.
  • Bug#14398 – External images are automatically loaded in forward screen. New config named Ticket::Frontend::BlockLoadingRemoteContent has been added. It controls if loading of external resources will be blocked, by default it is disabled.
  • Bug#14500 – The behaviour of the webservices are not compliant to RFC 4648. After 76 characters we built in a linefeed (/n) which is not RFC compliant.
  • Bug#14532 – Wrong comment / documentation for Daemon::SchedulerCronTaskManager::Task###GeneticInterfaceDebugLogCleanup in Docs and SystemConfiguration.
  • Bug#14455 – OTRS tags ‘<OTRS_CUSTOMER_DATA_*>’ don’t work in templates of the type ‘Create’.
  • Bug#14514 – In the appointment calendar long entries in the team and agent list can be hidden behind the appointment overview window.
  • Bug#14400 – Reply adds the same email address for every connected customer user backend.
  • Bug#14509 – The agent’s notification bar has a wrong URL. It was only indicated by IE, since other browsers automatically redirected to the same page.
  • Bug#14504 – Queue based ACL does not work for AgentTicketActionCommon based screens.
  • Bug#14482 – File upload help text is wrapped and overflows on small resolutions.
  • Bug#14511 – Statistic does not work during daylight saving time. Fatal error was fixed during generation of statistics based on an unexisting hour, which is lost during the time switch.
  • Bug#14412 – CustomerID cannot be changed in ticket action for changing customer. Config option Ticket::Frontend::AgentTicketCustomer::CustomerIDReadOnly was not honored.
  • Bug#14494 – Wrong service selection in ticket search dialog. Tree view selection field has been improved to also work in modal dialogs.
  • Bug#14408 – Short description of CustomerID fields is not shown in the process views.

The detailed ChangeLog can be found at: https://github.com/OTRS/otrs/blob/rel-6_0_19/CHANGES.md.