Managed WordPress Hosting

Best Managed CMS Host in Asia

Nearly a decade of experience Managing WordPress and other CMS. That knowledge translates to a better quality product & service and a deeper tribal knowledge we pass along to our customers.


Fully Managed WordPress

Let us handle all the technical aspects of hosting WordPress. That means updates to both core and plugins, proactive security, and advanced tuning for optimal speed and performance under load on your dedicated server.


Built in Redundancy

Redundancy means we have duplicated critical components and functions of each system so that in the event of any type of failure, there are mechanisms in place to quickly provide a backup or replacement. High Availability plans available.


A Modern Hosting Stack

Leverage the latest in performance technologies including PHP7 to accelerate WordPress. HTTP2 over SSL delivers unmatched speed. We utilize Redis to further accelerate the WordPress experience.


Automatic Daily Backups

Your entire site and database is backed up daily over an encrypted link and stored remotely for disaster recovery purposes. Download or restore a copy with ease. You are able to push backups to your own off-site servers as well.


Expert Technical Support

Real experts that use WordPress everyday that know the ins and outs of getting the most from the application. Support available 24.7


SSL Acceleration

Benefit from faster loads times over https:// with built in HTTP/2 SSL acceleration.


Multiple, powerful firewalls between your data and threats.