Premium DNS hosting

We do only one tier of DNS hosting – because frankly, basic hosting is a waste of time. Full multi-way redundancy spread over geographically and network distant nodes allows for the highest possible availability.

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100 percent SLA for DNS Resolution

If your website goes down, so can your online revenues. lf PremiumDNS fails to deliver its service level agreement for DNS resolution, we’ll provide a compensatory credit for all days the service level agreement for DNS resolution is not met, up to 30 days per year.

Proven Availability and Security

A single security incident can put your online business out for hours or even days. The combination of a highly available infrastructure and security features, such as DNSSEC, can make it more difficult for cybercriminals to perpetrate attacks against your online business, minimizing interruptions to customers trying to navigate to your website and protecting your online revenues.

Fast Response Time

With service from fully redundant, geographically distributed and network separated locations, PremiumDNS provides your online business with one of the fastest DNS services in the market.

Comprehensive Analytics Dashboard (Coming Soon)

With our PremiumDNS dashboard, you will have access to detailed reports for queried hostnames, including record type and source country.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What is premium DNS? – While any level of DNS will serve the purpose of connecting your domain with the people who are trying to reach you, a premium DNS ensures faster performance, maximum site availability, and better security. Lightspeed’s PremiumDNS operates from redundant locations, and works with any domain name from any registrar worldwide. Our premium DNS supports 1 million queries per month per domain name, ready to handle the traffic of your company’s mission critical operations.
  • What makes premium DNS service different? – For any business, the uptime of your DNS should be a primary concern. Compared to free products, premium DNS service is different because it provides global security and availability. Lightspeed’s PremiumDNS was built for outstanding resiliency from the ground up. We offer a 100 percent service level agreement for your DNS resolution at a truly affordable price
  • How secure is PremiumDNS? – Different DNS servers offer varying levels of security, and site owners should be aware of the potential hazards. Lightspeed’s PremiumDNS minimizes liabilities to ensure maximum uptime and highly secure data. An insecure DNS leads to vulnerabilities to attacks from malicious hackers, including DDoS intrusions. A business might go for years without a security breach, but just one incident has the potential to sideline your business for days.

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