Service Specific Privacy

Lightspeed Service Specific Privacy Information

If you are a user of any of these Services, please see the relevant section to find out more about how we may collect, use or share your information, Including Personal Information, for the specific Service(s) we offer.


  1. Integrity. Integrity is enterprise resource planning software built for small businesses and their accountants. In addition to what’s described in our Privacy Statement, following is more detail about how we collect, share, and protect the information, including Personal Information, you provide to us:

Integrity features are continually updated and expanded, and the information we collect, and how we collect that information, will depend on the Integrity software type (e.g. online, desktop, mobile) and the features you choose to use. For example, you may choose to extend Integrity accounting functionality to enable you to run payroll (Integrity Payroll), create invoices, accept and process payments (Integrity Payments), or apply and get approved for small business financing (Integrity Financing). When you use Integrity Self Employed, you can automatically track mileage, expenses and other information to assist you in planning for tax obligations. We will use your Integrity information to send you critical notices, such as when invoices are overdue, and to offer business financing options. With your authorization, we will enable you to share your Integrity information with other employees within your business, your accountant, lenders, and third party developers.

a) Payment Processing. When we process payments on your behalf, we will monitor your account, review your transaction information, your interaction with other Intuit services, and other Integrity information to help detect and prevent potentially illegal activity, fraud, and violations of our and the card association rules and policies (e.g. Amex, Visa, MC, Discover). We may also use this same information for account authentication purposes. We may also share your information, including Personal Information, with credit bureaus, collection agencies, service providers, and our banking partners to report account information, resolve disputes, mange fraud and risk, and comply with credit card association rules for inclusion on list of terminated merchants. Your customers’ payment information, including account or credit card numbers, financial institutions, expiration dates, transaction amounts and service codes, may be stored and retained to provide the product and service that you have requested. We may also use information and content from your customer invoices to enable Level 1, Level 2 or Level 3 reporting in accordance with card association rules. We may also obtain information about you from third parties, such as credit bureaus and identity and device identification services, to perform creditworthiness and solvency checks on you or your business, and compare information for accuracy and verify it with third parties.

b) Business Financing. From time to time, we may offer you short and long term financing solutions for your business. These offers may be for solutions offered by us or in partnership with a financial institution or lender. To make these offers, we review your Integrity information. In addition to make the process of applying for a funding, we will use information we already know about to you make the loan approval process fast and easy. Provided you have told us that it is okay to share your Integrity information, we will share and verify the information we already have about you from your Integrity account with our partners. We will share and verify your business information, your business financial information (e.g. bank balance, business cash flow), other financial information pertaining to your business, verify your vendors, and share and verify any public information about your business (e.g. business profile information, business reviews, etc).

c) Payroll Processing, View My Paycheck, and 1099 and W2 Information. We will share with your employees and independent contractors their payroll, W2 and 1099 information. Once you activate the ViewMyPaycheck services, you will be required to send an invitation email to those individuals to whom you plan to provide access. Additionally, we will make your employees’ and independent contractors’ W2 and 1099 tax forms available to them through TurboTax, provided they choose to file their taxes with us using our TurboTax services. You may opt-out of making your employees’ and independent contractors’ W2s and 1099 available to TurboTax.


  • Synchronizing Your Service. Some of our web-enabled Services synchronize with the data on your computer to help keep the data accurate and provide additional online services. In some cases, you can manage the frequency of these updates. If you no longer want to synchronize data, you can cancel the service through the administration pages of the product or service.
  • Automatic Software Product Update. We work to continually improve our products, including our desktop software. From time to time, we make updates available for customers to download. An update might include a time saving new feature, critical security updates, or bug fixes to the software. For users of Windows-based computers, upon installing your software, a Windows Service will be installed named the “Intuit Update Service.” This service will run on your system in the background regardless of whether your software is currently running. If you select the “automatically download” option for updates the Intuit Update Service will periodically check Intuit’s servers via the Internet for updates. If an update is available, it will be automatically downloaded and you will be prompted to install that update the next time you start your software. If you select the “ask me first” option for updates, the Intuit Update Service will run in the background, but will not check Intuit’s servers for updates until you confirm that you want it to check. Whether “automatically download” and “ask me first” is selected, Usage Data about your computer system and the update process will be sent to Intuit. Intuit will use this data to improve the updating process and the Integrity products for our customers.
  • Data Collection. When you access a web-enabled service (such as Help) from within our desktop products we will note the link you clicked on and we also collect data about your transactions, product, system or other technical data that will help us direct you to the appropriate information or service.

2. Mobile (e.g. Phone, Tablet and Watch) Apps. Some of our Services available through mobile applications may be location-enabled. In addition to what’s described in our Privacy Statement, following is more detail about how we collect, share, and protect the information, including Personal Information, you provide to us when using of our mobile applications:

If you use location-enabled Services, we will be collecting location information and other technical information from your devices. We only collect this data with your consent. Depending on the Service you use, we may also collect other information about your mobile phone, such as the type of your phone, your carrier, and other data such as software version so that we can improve our Services. By necessity, your requests/messages from your mobile devices may go through your/our mobile carrier’s network. This means that your carrier may have access to your requests and messages, and our/your carrier’s privacy policies apply.