UniFi Managed Controller Subscription

For a limited time only, we’re providing the first year of our UniFi Managed Controller absolutely free with every purchase of UniFi equipment (Access Points, Switches, Security Gateways etc). There’s a modest S$20 annual cost per node thereafter – but even that is waived for customers whose annual services spend with us exceeds S$25,000. Why do we do this? Because we value customer involvement in making better design choices along the lifetime of the network. Quite frankly, poorly designed networks cost us more time and energy than can possibly be charged back to customers, whereas a well-designed network is a win-win – great performance for the customer with minimal intervention on our part.

Haven’t had the pleasure of managing a UniFi network yet? Get familiar with our UniFi Controller and see how simple it is to manage. From monitoring hundreds of devices with real-time statistics to deep packet inspection – try it. You’ll like it!

Traffic Statistics let you know what your users prioritise


Our standard pricing plans include the three most common scenarios we come across here in Asia – small offices (1000 – 3000 sq ft), offices that take up to an entire floor (3,000 to 8,000 sq ft) and small buildings (up to 50,000 sq ft). All standard pricing plans are billed annually. If you have special needs (e.g. single-tenanted, different geographies, etc), please do ask us for a custom plan. Ad-hoc pricing is always available at S$20/device-year

  • Annual Subscription of $80
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Up to 10 devices
  • Unlimited Sites
  • $15/device per year
  • Annual Subscription of $380
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Up to 50 devices
  • Unlimited Sites
  • Just $14/device per year
Small Building
  • Annual Subscription of $1380
    Free SSL Certificate
    Up to 100 devices
  • Unlimited Sites
  • Just $9.90/device per year