UniFi Managed Controller

UniFi Managed Controller Service is a modern, scalable and secure software service that is cost-effective for anything from 1 UniFi devices to 500 UniFi devices. For more than 500 devices, please write to request for our UniFi Enterprise Controller via the contact form.

You can subscribe to the service here at our customer portal and manage via your own URL (e.g. https://unifi.example.com) – we provide free SSL certificates and an Nginx reverse proxy, which provides proper https support on port 443 (not 8443).

Service is pre-paid with a credit card unless you already have an Enterprise billing arrangement with us. You can find the valid pricing in the portal at the time of adding the service. Subscription services must always be purchased through the portal. It is important to clarify that the UniFi Managed Controller is provided by Lightspeed in geographies outside the USA, Canada, and Mexico.


The UniFi App and all UniFi devices work best when connected to our UniFi Managed controller.

  1. The standalone mode provides automatic discovery and QR code reader functionalities for configuring network elements. Devices run in standalone mode without UniFi Controller software.
  2. Remote Controller Access mode lets the user connect to the UniFi Managed Controller and perform configurations on it.
  3. You can download the UniFi App from the Apple and Google Play stores.

Service Availability

  1. Lightspeed’s UniFi Managed Controller service is currently available in Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia (< 30ms roundtrip from data center). Customers in other regions can contact us for specific geographies
  2. The UniFi Managed Controller service – as the name implies, provides managed Controller software platform services and does not include managing customer equipment configuration or performance, but you may separately purchase FlexiCare and PremierCare services that provide per-incident and annual support contracts respectively on our UniFi networking portfolio.
  3. Periodic software upgrades keep the latest stable version as the running version. Controller upgrades may also necessitate device software version upgrades. Service maintenance windows are customer-specific for single-tenanted controllers, and between 3 am and 5 am local time for multi-tenanted controllers.
  4. Customers will receive information about longer maintenance periods by email. Devices continue operating during Controller maintenance, but certain services like RADIUS authentication or Captive Web Portal services using Ubiquiti Controller will be unavailable.
  5. Customers can migrate UniFi devices from one UniFi Controller to another Controller. Information on this is available in this article.

Data Centers, Security, and Privacy

  1. Lightspeed uses STT GDC data centers in Singapore to host the Controller software service. We comply with all major certifications, like ISO 27001, SOC 2/3, and PCI DSS 3.0.
  2. Lightspeed’s UniFi Managed Controller offers both managed multi-tenant service ( which provides secure isolation between customer accounts) as well as managed single-tenant services.
  3. European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) became effective as of May 25, 2018. Operating UniFi devices in Europe with service hosted in the Singapore-based data center will be non-compliant with GDPR rules – please contact us via the contact form for a controller hosted in an EU data center .
  4. Lightspeed’s General Service Terms and Conditions are available on request.